pause or mute the music to play the video  :-))


                                                                                huge burn outs were my trade mark

                                                     above the states.with original owner Paul Rossi

                                                        hated this paintjob,but its the sponsor that foot the bills

          Thomas Naehrig from Germany, kindly sent me this, it was taken at Giebelstadt Army Airfield back in the 80's - thanks Tom xxxx I love Germany

2 photos above.... the rossi dodge was sold to Joran Persaker minus the engine which went into the think pink sierra and then onto Joakim below and restored back to its original Paul Rossi race car

                                                                         great wheel stand by Joakim Martenson


                                                         Joakim Martenson,s web page ,good friend,restorer and owner of the Paul Rossi Dodge