Here are all I have of the top end crash in the Sierra bodied car..... took half the safety fence out, ended up with a 1/2 cwt of concrete sitting on the passenger seat, glad I was left hand drive!

Pink Floyd - Welcome To The Machine.mp3

                                         up against well known car - Al O'Connor in Al's Gasser

                                                                                    carnage at the top end

And the demise of the car - 160mph top end crash, took 3 out of 5 rails of armco with me, plus two supports and 1/2 cwt of concrete!
(Only the good die young......
Got lots more naughty things to get up to before MY demise! ;-)

 below, back at the workshop for a better look at the damage, she was a write off.......

Below is where the propshaft let go! thank goodness we had "propshaft loop" on it"