my limited edition Dye DM7 Ironman Billywing,one of only 4 !!


Watch them, get the feeling of having some GREAT fun and of course


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 "LiPS" London International Paintball Supplies

 UK ANGEL WARRANTY CENTRE. The biggest Angel Tech Centre in Europe
Lips Paintball in Welwyn Garden City AL7 1JD
Online Catalogue 01707325007

Without the whole outfit, here is me in some of Ghillie suit - just love to "dig in" and take 'em out! :-)))) 


Below and to the right, my "new" Marker, Ego 6, am so grateful to Russ for doing all the work on this for me, thanks !

02 Shoot To Thrill.mp3

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Karl Richardson. aka - Boss.
Stewart Hobbs. aka - Priest
Samuel Lloyd. aka - Twitch.
Nick Evans. aka - Python.
Rich King. aka - Piggy.
Alicks Hustle. aka - 3Bird.
Will Jennett. aka - Passport.
Chris Bell. aka - Toad.
Michael Lyons. aka - Hamster.
Lee Rowley. aka - Grizzly.
Jarrett J-Bomb Green-Buck.
Louie Christou. aka - Tiny.
Robert Noguera. aka - Capt. Kronic
Douglas Holland. aka - Biggy D
Michael Tuohy. aka - Pikey
Kav - aka - Sleepy
Danny Gill - aka - DFG
John Wood - aka - Lil Jon
Darren Garside - aka - Mad Manc
Evi Richardson - aka - Silver Lady
Micheal Wise - aka - Gonzo
Christopher Edwards - aka - Blitz
Sylvia Hauser - aka - Powercat

Aspirant members -

Kevin Broadhurst - aka - Pugz
Stephen Finnis - aka - Fart
Owain Redfern - aka - Omen
Gareth Harrald - aka - Big G
Reuben J. Miles - aka - Miles
Jake Round - aka - Jinx
Richard Jones - aka - Para
Honourary members -

Mark Smith - aka - Ninja

Ash Richardson - aka - Bashman

On the right team boss and good friend  Karl "EK" Richardson "THE BOSS", left is "PRIEST" - Stewart Hobbs - between them, Samuel Lloyd and Rob Noguera they keep the team running with much work and dedication - much appreciated guys! I am also doing my best to promote the Sponsors and Team.

Below and to the left below -

Darren "Mad Manc"

in action..... 

Home - Tippmann Challenge UK

Part 1 - from TCUK 2011. The Tippmann Challenge UK is a weekend long
paintball festival that will take place over the long weekend of 13/14/15 July 2012

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We have the BEST and HARDEST team in the UK - we work hard, train hard and thanks to people like Karl Richardson, Stewart Hobbs and Samuel Lloyd - we are the BEST and always will be the best - bring it on guys! 

See our main website, which Samuel Lloyd does for us - thanks so much Sam, we all know how hard you work for the team - you are a diamond!

The home of the Army of Too Many


We are the best of the best.....