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                          My song ;-).....LOVE love love this ....FASTER ..yesss !!! ....always got to go faster

            Reminds me so much of Jim Morrison ...always will love Jim ...we WILL meet up babes xoxox

 My ex husbands absolute favourite! got it played on the radio for his bithday

Yes, I am still "unroken" maybe a bit damaged, but despite all am still here and kicking arse..... til the day die - despite everything the strong will survive! 

Just a few of my favourite tracks, too many to put them  all on here.......

But - they are all mean something to me.........

Thanks for looking, listening, hope you enjoy my music....

One day I will be up "there" with him, I have always loved him.. one day!

Total Petrol Head, Rock Music, Guns,    Cars.... what else does a lady need!